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Pic for representational purpose only

Pic for representational purpose only


It’s funny how some of the greatest virtues that a man could have, is already there in him when he was 5. For example, that of living in the moment. While it may seem incredibly tough at 22, (tougher at 33, maybe?) it comes as naturally as an early morning craving for a smoke when you are just 5.

I can’t remember much of my life when I was 5. Still, a few hazy experiences do come to mind. Hopefully, they’ll shed some light on my glorious childhood (I didn’t win any awards, alas) which was pretty ordinary, but at least it was mine.

1. Clinging to the teacher’s sari

No no, my testosterone levels weren’t as high then as they are now. I was clinging on to the teacher’s sari because there was some function at school, and I being a new entrant didn’t have any friends to play with. So, in order to feel secure I clutched a teacher’s sari and was crying. She was visibly irritated by this, and made me stand alone.

2. Being carried around on shoulders

From what I hear, I was a very loved kid when I was small. (I am sure you were too. 🙂 ) And, even though being 5 makes you heavy. I would still ask to be carried around on shoulders when my legs started to pain. At times, I would give in to scolding and walk. At times, they would pick me up.

 3. Coming to Mumbai

I remember coming to Mumbai, from Jamshedpur after my father had been transferred. Interestingly, I don’t have much memory of my life in Jamshedpur but the names of the places in the city have always been in my memory.

I also remember coming to Mumbai, with my parents and uncles carrying a load of luggage. My brother hadn’t accompanied me then, as he was still living with his grandparents.  Our house was a small 1BHK house, with no beds or sofa, in initially. The kitchen didn’t have a slab and the gas was kept on the floor. I can also remember an old women who worked as a maid, and spoke only Marathi.

4. Dancing to songs

I was a filmy kid. Not just at 5, but even at 15. A film that I can remember watching then, was Karan Arjun. And, the song that I would keep singing all the time (without knowing it’s meaning) much to the glee and delight of everyone was this one. I am sure, that after many of my performances, some Aunty would place me on her lap. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen now.

5. Receiving letters and going to STD booths

1995 was a time when letters were very common, and STD calls were expensive. Still, I can remember my maternal grandfather writing to me and my mom at least once every month. Once or twice, even my brother would send letters with all kinds of drawings and craft work. He was a good at it too.

So yeah, that’s it. I had a nice time scratching my memory.