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Male or female, if my name were either Don or Dawn, I’d be up at sunrise to celebrate the glory that is me.
 -Jarod Kintz

There’s a scene in Shahid Kapoor’s upcoming Phata Poster Nikla Hero’s trailer (I am not sure if it’s a good movie), where a nurse comes up to him and says- “Dr. Vinod Khanna aapse milna chahte hai!”. Shahid Kapoor, depressed but suddenly enervated by the name’s mention asks- “Yeh Vinod Khanna doctor kabse ban gaye.” It’s a great scene, whose humor wouldn’t be lost on people who have seen umpteen films on Zee Cinema and Sony Max.

Personally, I have had the pleasure of seeing my name used several times! (As I am sure every Raj, Rahul and Rohit has too!) Here is a collection of some of the roles that have made me glad about being named Sameer. 🙂

1. Sameer (Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Salman Khan)-

salman hum dil de chuke sanam

“Sameeer! Hawa ka jhonka!”, there’s a scene in the movie where an old lady says this to Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai blushes and runs. I love that scene! Also, the fact that Salman Khan, doesn’t get his ladylove till the end of this movie makes it all the more personally relatable.

2. Sameer (Dil Chahta Hai, Saif Ali Khan)-


This is a role that along with Kal Ho Naa Ho’s Rohit, shot back Saif Ali Khan into reckoning. Deservedly so because he was at the top of his comic game in this movie. (Much like me after a couple of pegs. :P)

3. Sameer (Mohabbatein, Jugal Hansraj)-

jugal hansraj mohabbatein

Comparatively, a low key role- but I like Jugal Hansraj.  Not because he looks like a nice guy, which he does but because this song sung sweetly by Udit Narayan was a childhood favorite.

Also, I loved the movie too when I first saw it. Now, though I think such movies propagate wrong ideas.

4. Sameer (Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Salman Khan again!)-


If Shah Rukh can nominate himself twice in a Best Actor category, why can’t I do the same for Salman in this one. Another very successful usage of my name, I found this a passably funny movie. The best thing about it was Akshay Kumar’s ‘Wicked Sunny‘ walk, which was hilarious and effortless. (So what if this list reads till 6, and my headline says 5. Salman Khan is a repeat!)

5. Sameer (New York, John Abraham!)-


John Abraham is a nice superstar to see your name being used by. That he plays a terrorist in this movie only adds to the charm. Can’t say why though.

6. Sameer (Chance pe Dance, Shahid Kapoor)-


The first time I had heard the phrase ‘Chance pe Dance’ which was in 11th I think, I thought it was pretty witty. Some years later, there was a Shahid Kapoor movie of that name, and the main character was called Sameer.

This is also the only film on this list, that I have not seen.

So yeah that is it. Next time, I’ll write a better post.