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Like everyone, I too look back at my school days with a lot of fond memories. Even though, when I was in school I mostly felt tortured by the ‘system’, saddened by the workload and relieved by excessive escapism. It was like that for me in college too, and will remain to be for the rest of my life.

But, with time comes good wisdom

and I have now realised

the importance of working hard

and giving in to the system. 

That said, it never hurts to indulge in mild to moderate escapism. Which is why, today on a weekend I’ll open the clogged pipelines of my memory and relive those days by sharing 4 funny things I did in school.

1. Effortless wit

A lot of times I cracked jokes without even intending to do it, i.e. I would be completely honest and say what I feel and the whole class would erupt with laughter. An example,

There was this time when I was made to stand outside the school, as punishment for coming late. I was totally chilled about it because humans get used to things. The head boy, who was a classmate looked at me and said with a heavy dose of authority, “Sameer, this is the third time you are coming late!” I merely corrected him saying, ”Fourth time.” With this remark, the entire prefectorial body and other late comers giggled making me feel like a dude.

2. The Lunchbox

Extremely embarrassing when it happened, this incident is extremely funny in recollection. What happened was, I had bought chicken for lunch and considering I usually got bland food I thought I’d eat it up in the first period itself. (This thought was encouraged by my partner, who too had a growing boy’s appetite.) Slowly and slyly, me and my partner finished the lunch even though the teacher was teaching Geography. The plan was executed and I was happy.

But, alas. Just as I was packing everything up to keep in my lunch bag, the entire paraphernalia fell and I felt as if I had dropped the secret cure that will save the world. The whole class burst laughing, and I had given entertainment to everyone as people like to see someone being made a fool of by the teacher.

3. Answer sheet

Not being a good student, has many undesirable side effects. One of them, is being extremely bored while writing exams. And, you just have to subject a creative guy to boredom and see him weave his magic.

Among the many goofy things I have written in my answer sheets, my short description of a road accident takes the cake. (It was slightly inspired from a Radio Mirchi ad. :P)

“One day, a red indigo and a black indica were driving on the road. Suddenly, they both banged into each other. The driver of the Indica came out and instead of scolding the Indigo driver sang, ‘Naa tune signal dekha, naa maine signal dekha! Accident ho gaya, rabba rabba!‘ I was watching all this from the footpath and couldn’t control my laughter. The police came and seeing me laugh, thought I was responsible. I am writing this from jail.”

Probably, this isn’t funny but to write it in a serious answer paper felt funny. And, I boasted about to everyone I could set my eyes on and they too found it funny. Sadly, the teacher didn’t.

4. Mimicry

Anyone whom I have known after leaving school, is unaware of this. It’s a well guarded secret. But, in school days (11th standard) it was my claim to fame.

The Great Indian Laughter Challenge was really popular during that time, and taking inspiration from it I mimicked everyone from the scary fellow in Sansani, to a depressed person speaking in a Telebrands ad to Saif Ali Khan. What more? I performed in front of the whole school on Teacher’s day and it was really popular.

Girls started hitting on me after this, little children complimented me on the stairs, classmates looked at me with awe and suddenly, I was as popular as the athletes. Sadly, I couldn’t sustain this popularity and soon saw my world crashing down because my strength had become my weakness – I had started cracking bad jokes.

So that’s it. If you have a funny incident from school, that you’d like to recollect then you are most welcome to use the comments section.

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Image Source: Flickr/spaztacular