Image Courtesy: Hartwig HKD on Flickr

Image Courtesy: Hartwig HKD on Flickr

A lot of water has flown in the Kaveri river, since I last posted here. I have changed considerably as a person (for the better), and probably as a writer (for the worse) too.

1. I have quit smoking

This is definitely the biggest thing I have achieved in my life so far. I can remember how difficult those first few weeks were. I can remember how close I had been to giving up. I can remember how incredibly dependent (I wouldn’t be able to sleep, wake up or enjoy a cup of coffee without it) I was when I was a smoker. I can remember the big hole smoking would burn in my pocket. I can remember (oh, how sweet is the memory) the sharp niggling desire I had to blow smoke through my mouth when I was quitting.

It was a tough mountain to climb, and I am enjoying the view from the top now.

2. I took a break from work

It’s taboo to be unemployed after being employed for several months. But, risks need to be taken, and I took one! My reasons – I wanted to quit smoking, I wanted to travel for a while to my native place, I wanted to break the miserable chain of existence I was finding myself in. (I have one more major reason, but I shall refrain from mentioning it here.)

Thankfully, the risk paid off and was not another one of those decisions that I’ve regretted.

3. I started gymming

It has caused a stark improvement in my fitness levels, as well as my emotional wellbeing.Β It has been fun, and I have become addicted. People look forward to the alcohol party on Saturday nights, I look forward to finding time for two hours of uninterrupted gymming! I no longer look at it as something that will tire me, but instead as something that will make me feel happy.

4. I became a cricket journalist

I used to write for, but now write for It is a major change. I used to give advice to people to better their lives then, I chronicle events and make small opinions based on how players’ perform now.

I don’t know if it’s the best thing for me.

5. I have started giving a bulk of my salary to my mother

Yes, and it is far more satisfying than spending it in a bar or a paan shop. Mother’s love is the purest and I try to seek comfort and love from her in times of trouble.

6. I went on a month long vacation

I went to Darbhanga, a small district in Bihar in the month of June and it opened my eyes to how fortunate I was to live the life that I live in Navi Mumbai. The heat, the dirt, the general lack of hygiene, the uneducated banter by my very close relatives – all seemed unbearable to me. And, has given me reasons to try to practice gratefulness daily!

7. My writing, and my reading habit has suffered!

So many positives have been mentioned, and it’s only fitting if I mention a negative too. My reading and writing have suffered, as I have tried to fix certain issues but both aspects of my personality must flourish as time goes by.