Living in darkness (Part 1 of 7)

Rishi returned to his home much more energetic than usual. It was Friday evening, that beautiful time that most working professionals in MNCs lived for. He had just started his working life (4 months), and had already come to absolutely love this period.

He threw his bag on the sofa, his pants on the chair. He sat down lazily on the chair and demanded a glass of Bournvita from his mother, who scolded him (for the 49,786th time in this life) for creating  a mess in the house just seconds after entering. For the 49,786th time, he ignored her taunts thinking that he had better things to worry about than that.

The next thing on his agenda was collecting the small wad of weed that he had stored at the bottom of a cigarette box. It only took him about 5 seconds to take it from a drawer that would rarely be used until a couple of months back.

After watching songs of new releases on TV for 20 minutes, he collected his wallet and made his way outside the house. His first purchase was a small bottle of cheap wine. His next purchase was a box of cigarettes and a lighter. Usually, he bought just a matchbox, but since the day was a Friday, he felt prosperous.

With this entire arsenal for intoxication in place, he made his way to his building’s terrace (taking soft steps and rushing past the door of his flat), which was a dark place – devoid of human intervention. The only light was some rays coming from the streetlights. With the help of the light from his mobile, he rolled a joint. Without delay, he lit it up and 3-4 drags later, he could feel his eyes shrinking, time slowing down and the adjoining buildings, the trees and the sky becoming more defined. His face tightened up, and he said to himself, ‘oh, what a feeling!’

To be continued…

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