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He started planning what all he would do over the weekend. There was not a lot lined up on television, and he knew that it would be a lot of smoking and smoking up, lot of watching porn and masturbating, some eating and if time allowed, some reading.

He thought about reading – that lost habit that gave him so much pleasure. How he would finish books in a matter of days. If he had this job, then it was somewhat due to his habit of reading.

But, with time people learn news things – the hollow created by not reading was filled by his new hobby – marijuana smoking. Another thing that he had learnt in recent past was the sense of intense competition that existed in most people. If only this sense of competition (and the fire it created) had come to him earlier, he would have been somewhere else by now.

It wasn’t too late still. He could still create a storm. He could work hard on something like a website that would become the next ‘ScoopWhoop’. He could become an entrepreneur and leave all those who overtook him behind. Ah! The thought of victory over those people was more intoxicating than the marijuana and wine he was having.

To be continued…