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Rishi returned home and did not look at his mother in the eye. Not because he was pissed or anything, but because he didn’t want to expose his extremely red eyes. His high was coming down gradually, and he looked set for 5-6 hours (no office tomorrow meant that he would stay awake for a long time) of complete freedom. Alas, things didn’t turn out too well.

Maa and babuji are coming next month,’ his mother announced.

The news sent a wave of panic in Rishi because it meant that he will not be able to smoke up and masturbate. Their house was not a palace with many rooms, and two more people coming in certainly played havoc with his existence. Not for once did Rishi see their arrival as an opportunity to shower his love and earn some good karma points. His conscience did feel a few guilt pangs at this attitude, but that didn’t change his heart.

He just saw the negative side of things. He thought how he would have to purchase medicine, fetch glasses of water and refrain from shouting at his mom.

Rishi cursed god for making his life so difficult. As it is, he was not having the greatest of times at work. A joint at the end of the day, was something he looked forward to. With the arrival of his grandparent, even that would go.

He took a deep breath in sadness, and crashed on the bed to sleep. He hadn’t had his dinner, but he was too high and sad to care.

To be continued…