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Hamid’s Madarsa had two-three big-big boys, total dunderheads. They got beaten up daily, shirked away from work. This place will also have such people, what else.

The club house has magic shows inside. One hears that dead skulls run around the place. And many other different kinds of spectacles occur but nobody is allowed inside. The gentlemen play cricket in the evenings. Big-big men play it, with beards and moustaches. The ladies play it too, really. Give this in my grandmother’s hands – what do you call it? – a bat. She’ll fall as soon as she’ll swing.

Mahmud – My mother’s hands will start shaking, allah’s promise!

Mohsin – Mother may be able to grind wheat. But, just give her a bat, her hands will start shaking! She may take out hundreds of pots of water. Five pots is drunk by the buffalo alone. Let one of these ladies fill one pot, they will have darkness over their eyes.

Mahmud – But she can’t run. She can’t jump and flutter.

Mohsin – Yes, she can’t run and jump, but that day my cow escaped and ran into Chaudhary’s farm. Amma ran so fast that I couldn’t catch her. Really.

Let’s move ahead. The sweetshops started showing up. They were all well-decorated today. Who eats so many mithais? One hears, that a djinn comes at night and takes away all the mithais. Dad used to say that every midnight a man would go to each of these shops and whatever sweets are left, he’d get them measured and pay money for real, money exactly like this.

Hamid didn’t believe it – from where would a djinn get so much money?

Mohsin – Why would a djinn have paucity of money? They can go into any one of theirĀ khazanas. Even iron doors can’t stop them, what world are you in! They have diamonds and jewellery as well. Whoever excites them, gets a big bag of jewellery. Today, they are sitting here, in five minutes they’ll reach Calcutta.

Hamid – Are these djinns really big?

Mohsin – Each of their heads is as tall as the sky ji. If they stand on the floor, their heads can touch the sky, but if they want, they can fit into a small mug too.

Hamid – Everyone would be making this djinn happy. Someone give me this mantra also, and I’ll make one of these djinns happy.

Mohsin – Now, I don’t know this, but Chaudhary saheb has many djinns in his custody. Something gets stolen, Chaudhary saheb will immediately find out and spot the thief. Jumrati’s goat had been stolen. Looked around for three days, didn’t find anything. With no other choice, we met Chaudhary saheb. Chaudhary saheb immediately said he was in the animal prison, and that’s where we found him. The djinns come and give him the world’s news.