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Now, he understood why Chaudhari has so much wealth and why he is respected so much.
Let’s move ahead. This is the police line. This is where the constables reside. Raton! Fie Fo! The poor guys roam around at night and keep watch, else robberies might happen.
Mohsin revolted – These constables keep watch? You don’t know too much, my friend. These are the ones who steal. All the gangsters in the city, they themselves go and shout, ‘Jaagte raho! Jaagte raho!’ That is how they have so much money. My uncle was a constable in one thana. He used to get Rs. 2000 per month, but would send only Rs. 50 home. Allah’s promise! I had asked him once, Mamu, how do you get so much money? He laughed and said, ‘If we want, we can take lakhs in a day. We only take enough to save our name and our jobs.’
Hamid – If these people steal, then why does nobody catch them?
Mohsin laughed at his innocence and said… Oh, duffer! Who will catch them? They are the ones who are supposed to catch thieves. But allah, punishes these people a lot. Black money has to turn to ashes someday. Just a few days ago, Mamu’s house was on fire. All his fortune got burnt. Not a single utensil remained. Slept under a tree for many days, allah’s promise. Under a tree! Then, from somewhere, he took a loan of hundred rupees which helped him settle down again.
Hamid – A hundred is more than a fifty?
Mohsin – Where is fifty, and where is hundred. Fifty fits in one bag. Hundred will not fit in two bags also.
The crowd started increasing in size. Groups of travellers headed for Eidgah, started appearing. All wearing shiny clothes. Some were sitting in a tonga, some were sitting in their cars. Everyone doused in itr, everyone having joy in their heart. This small group of boys from the village, unaware of their poverty, were walking with contentment. Everything about the city was new for them. Whatever thing they looked at, they kept looking at it and even a car’s horn wouldn’t make them budge. Hamid almost survived a car accident.