I want to quit smoking, have a great body, lots of money and women, without giving up my ability to be quixotic.

I have realized where I was going wrong all this while. I was shying away from fights. Not any longer. Not any more. Why should I when I am the strongest badass (mentally) the game has ever seen!

I have been so nice for so long, taken so many hits to my ego. I have been cheated and bullied, humiliated and broken. Twisted and turned so many times, that I can’t differentiate between pain and pleasure.

I am going to be the baddest, meanest, most deadly assassin around. Creatively. Your children are safe!

I think I can be an actor. Better than any other actor who has ever lived. My face is malleable and ductile. I can control it. Flare up my nostrils, widen my eyes and murder someone in my head when I want to. Bring my eyebrows together, look at the sky and weep for my madness when I want to. I am a stranger. And that is why I can entertain strangers. More intensely than anyone. Why? Because there ain’t no rockstar hungrier for success (and sex) than me. I have never tasted it.

Sometimes, I feel this arrogant outlook comes from unhealthy habits. I don’t want it that way. I want it to come from my desire to take on the world, single-handedly. Show all the women what they’ve missed out on, and then give them a taste of me.

I know it is going to come true. It should. I know I can make loads of money from people. People love a clown, and I can’t even tell you how gifted I am in that department.