Everything you learnt in school, through college, from films – they’re all false.

There is only one truth. That you are a miracle.

Some people will try to feel superior by stamping on you. If they do, stamp back. Say the nastiest things you’ve ever felt. Make them feel your anger, make them hear the thunder. A courageous life is the only one worth living.

If that means you lose friends, so be it. You are going to find new people you can be friends with.

Try to improve yourself in ways that when a stranger sees you, he or she is impressed. Make your voice softer, your body stronger, your thoughts richer and your skin smoother.

Don’t be afraid of your faults, and don’t judge others for having it. I am finding it difficult to quit smoking here. My nose, my eyes and my tongue are all sending me one signal – feed me some nicotine. I might oblige with their request, but that doesn’t make me weak. Nothing does. Nothing can. It’s all play for me.