I think I am still in love with her.

That baby who broke my feeble heart years ago when I was in school. The one who first gave meaning to all the love songs (maybe I am addicted, but I am out of control) you hear on TV.

I don’t know where I went wrong. I shouldn’t have. I was better than her.

Yet, her sweet voice and smooth hair would make me have silly thoughts. What if she drifts away? What if she finds another guy to love? What if she becomes more successful than me? In time, all of these fears came true.

I fell in love with many girls – each with her own loveliness and gifts, but those thoughts and those fears never went and I could never set fire to the rain.

Until I realized, it’s all just a game. And all of that pain has only contributed to making me a better lover. I need to thank all of them.

One day, I will.