In a room in a jungle.

We’ll start with a healthy breakfast, that I’ll cook up with the help of some recipe online.

And then we can laugh about how silly the world is, putting their bodies and minds on the line for bread while we sit here under the sun with a dilemma much more significant.

How do we create something to ease their pain?

We’ll probably struggle to find an answer, so we’ll go for a run. Don’t expect me to go easy on you, here. I have seen Bhaag Milkha Bhaag thrice.

Drenched in sweat, I’ll challenge you to do more squats than me. Again, I am pretty cocky about winning.

We can follow that up with an hour spent in the bathtub. Both of us reading out loud (in turns, of course) from a book written by a dead writer who like us, was far, far away from the madding crowd.

After that, you’ll try on dresses after dresses, while I slip into a white T-shirt and give marks for each one. A soft, romantic melody playing in the background.

We’ll keep our cellphones away, choosing the company of artists instead of real people.

We’ll watch a movie after that, a different genre every day. Both of us will assume a character right from the first frame, and follow its journey with a child’s wonder and our bodies for company.

It’ll probably be time for lunch, and we’ll waste a few precious minutes fighting over what we’re in the mood to eat. Again, I’ll repay your faith in me by cooking up something delicious that we can eat to our heart’s content. Something that makes me want to fall into your arms right after.

We’ll sleep for some time, kissing each other until we’re tired.

You can make me some tea after that, coupled with cakes we had bought from the best bakery in the nearby city the day before.

I will try and make some conversation about our life’s purpose, and light up a joint to get the juices flowing.

Soon, the evening will turn into night and it’ll be time for a drink (or two).

We’ll not waste time cooking dinner, as I’ll have cooked plenty during lunch.

Then I’ll tell you how much I love you, and we’ll do the sexiest and naughtiest things (forget muscle soreness when you’ve got a massage junkie like me) until you fall asleep in my arms.