So now that I have decided to become a hero (not just an actor), I must start to look like one.

I’ll take a lot of motivation from all the articles that I have written on bodybuilding, especially celebrity bodybuilding.

My goal is to gain around 10-12 kilos and look ripped and muscular – not like a bouncer or a bodyguard.

I’ll also read up stuff on how to make my fair skin look fairer, both my face and my body. So that when I have poetic sex onscreen, all the guys like me.

Initially, for the first two weeks, I am going to be working out only my upper body.

  • Chest and triceps/Back and biceps/Shoulder

This is mainly because that wound in my leg that hasn’t fully healed.

I’ll also try and eat like a horse, but avoid street food because that shit messes up digestion.

My problem is not how I will exercise, but about how I will use up my free time. Probably I should find a part-time menial work that pays some of the bills.