It’s true.

Not everybody finds love in this world. And unfortunately for me, I couldn’t do it either.

Yet, not all hope is lost. I can pour all my sadness [taken from people (girls mostly) who took me for a ride] into acting.

In this post, I’ll look at some songs where I think the actors have captured sadness with exemplary finesse.

1. Zinda hoon yaar

Favorite lines: Kabr par mere sar utha ke khadi ho zindagi, aise marna hai mujhe!

Reminds me of John Keats.

2. Barbaadiyon ka jashn

Favorite lines: Gham aur khushi mein fark na mahsoos ho jahaan, main dil ko uss mukaam pe laata chala gaya

Reminds me of Kipling’s If. If you can meet with triumph and disaster, and treat these two impostors, just the same.

3. Jag soona soona laage

Favorite lines: Virani si Virani hai, tanhai si tanhai hai, aur ek hum hai pyaar ke bin.

I simply love the melodramatic feel of this, so much so that every time I see a girl whom I invest myself in break my heart by romancing some other boy, I feel this song play in the background.

4. Tadap tadap ke

Favorite lines:  Mujhko saza di pyaar ki, aisa kya gunaah kiya, jo lut gaye!

It’s extremely sensitive, and reminds me of Pablo Neruda’s Tonight I can write the saddest lines. Even though the two poems are not similar.

5. Sach keh raha hai deewana

Favorite lines: Ek din usse bhula dunga main, uske nishaan mita dunga main. Chaahunga na main us pathar ko, jaa usse bata de!

Well, the more you try to forget the girls, the more you end up liking them.

6. Yeh mera deewanapan hai

Favorite lines: Aise veerane mein ek din, ghut ke marr jayenge hum

The girl may say that your love is not real, but the world will be able to see how true your feelings are.

7. Dil mera churaya kyun

Favorite lines: Aag kyun lagayi jab, bujhaaye bin chhodna hi tha

The “WHY DID YOU BREAK MY HEART?” portion has a lot of righteous anger in it. Cathartic.

8. Maine dil se kaha

Favorite lines: Shehar bhar ki khushi se, yeh dard mera bhala hai

Well, if being lonely is a bad thing, let’s just say I am a criminal.

9. Awarapan Banjarapan

Favorite lines: Iss dharti par jis pal sooraj roz sawere ugta hai, apne liye toh theek usi pal, roz dhala hai seene mein

So much soft pain in KK’s voice.